Cardiff has one of the largest income gaps between households in Wales
and the rest of the UK. On the day of the Coronation, I visited two postcodes
with the lowest and highest income bands to examine the idea of divide. Ely
East, which was once one of the largest council estates in Europe, has an
average household income of £18,900. In contrast, Cardiff Bay which serves as
a river mouth for the Ely River sits at £53,500 leaving a £34,600 divide.

In the backdrop of a global historic celebration and the uncertainty of our
housing and cost of living crisis, I interacted with local residents to explore
their opinions. As the Prince of Wales became the King of the United Kingdom,
local food banks, charities and support groups ceased service whilst communities
across the globe watched in awe as a new head of state came to power
questioning the relevance of a modern-day monarch.