The Flesh & the Fantasy - Five stories connected by the export of
American culture and its manifestation by outsiders in the UK.
Interwoven with dreams and reality, or flesh and fantasy, I present
a multi layered narrative of symbolism, ideology and culture that
journey through different genres and iconic subcultures commenting
on both historic and contemporary themes.

With the American Dream becoming corroded and toxic in the USA,
there still is an allure to Europeans who seek to transcend the
monotony of life at home through embracing American narratives
and clichés.

Alongside our positioning in Europe post Brexit, the American elections,
Trumpism and its political impact on the UK, we see further complexity
to the so called 'special relationship' with the US. Amongst the
pervasiveness of American visual and political culture the desire to be
part of a collective shared experience offers some sanctuary during
uncertain times.  

The Flesh & the Fantasy explores British communities and individuals
who adopt alternative lifestyles and asks what it means to appropriate
additional cultural traits whilst building a sense of identity and community.

This book dummy project has been supported by GRAIN projects and
Arts Council England. Hardback 200 x 250mm, perfect bind, 107 pages
Design - Wild Ilk

©Andy Pilsbury 2020