Still: Stories from the Jewellery Quarter explores the past and the present experiences of those who have spent their time working in this important and historic area of Birmingham.

Bringing together photographic portraits and oral histories from the heart of the Jewellery Quarter, it provides a unique insight into Birmingham’s cultural and industrial heritage. The work is inspired by people who have spent their lives working in an area within the JQ covering just six streets - Frederick Street, Warstone Lane, Legge Lane, Albion Street, Vittoria Street and Regent Place. Focusing on a region
which is experiencing intense change, the work presents the opportunity to consider and reflect on the lives and memories of some of those who have helped give the iconic area its unique character.

Still: Stories of the Jewellery Quarter is presented by the Jewellery Quarter Townscape Heritage Project (JQTH), a three-year scheme which is funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund. It aims to re generate an area within the Jewellery Quarter’s industrial middle’ through the repair and restoration of historic buildings and the delivery of events and activities for all.

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