Londoners are rising to the challenges of climate change, food poverty,
entrenched inequality and our nation’s mental and physical health crises
by reviving one of the oldest human activities of all- sowing, saving and
sharing seeds.

A Quiet Revolution, profiles London’s urban seed and food growers who
are members of the London Freedom Seed Bank, a network of more than
72 growers caring for over 120 seed varieties, many of which are rapidly
adapting to London's unique growing conditions. This film gives growers
and community activists a platform to share their work and explain why
urban seed and food networks, and the green spaces they maintain,
matter to so many Londoners.

Welsh organic farmer Gerald Miles has been on an epic quest to
rediscover the rare black oats his grandfather grew. For a long
time it looked like his search would be in vain, and that the black
oats were gone for good. Then, after more than twenty years,
Gerald met Iwan Coedfadre, a folk singer and perhaps the last
farmer in Wales to have kept black oats alive into the 21st

Llafur Ni - Our Grains tells the story of how Gerald and Iwan came 
to meet through singer Owen Shires, the blossoming Llafur Ni
Network and The Gaia Foundation’s UK & Ireland Seed Sovereignty
Programme. It explores the significance of black oats and other
Welsh crops in a time of climate crisis and why reviving seeds is a
crucial part of a wider movement to re-value and pass on the skills,
language and culture that have enabled welsh farmers and rural
communities to thrive for centuries.